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Donow 11/13/2017

  1. If we ask people we can see if it id but i think it is not.
  2. It doesn’t but it can affect people in different ways.
  3. To show or how they see the world.
  4. It can in some cases but not all.
  5. It all depends on the child that listens to the music and they can decide if it has a positive or negative influence.

T.E.D. Talk 11/13/2017

  1. That everything depends on everybody because we all are different.
  2. How she had change to show that everyone image can change in seconds.
  3. To talk about how she was lucky with life and how she got places in the model work.
  4. By telling us how long she worked, and how she works for model work.
  5. She has more logos because she tells us we can ask other models how they feel and we can get information.
  6. “Where you comforted being in front of so many people?”
  7. People how are insecure about them self.
  8. It made me see you have to be born with what you have. People want to do things and find pout what it is.
  9. She does by asking us to finding something to do that not a model (if you wanted to do that) and to be creative about it.

What is American?

  1. Many foods, customs, traditions, values, fashions, musical and artistic styles
  2. Thanksgiving, jazz music, wearing jeans, and etc
  3. meals, music, holidays, and other customs
  4. It does both, it brings people together to have fun yet split the when there is a problems.
  5. It is a melting pot of different things brought together.

Should Victim’s Families All Receive The Same Compensation?

1 ) Ron’s father was killed in 9/11 and got three million dollars. Serena”s father was killed in a shooting drive by and got three thousand.

2 ) So the victims of 9/11 revived it for compensate so they will not sue the airline.

3 ) Funeral, bills and treatment is what the money can do for them.

4 ) Because they think everyone should be treated equally.

5 ) They can go bankrupt and the banks can also so the government is trying to stop it before it happens.

DoNow 10/20/2017

If I had to choose to not bathe and have a change of clothes or can bathe but not have change of clothes. I would choose to bathe and not have a change of clothes. I say that because if i could bathe i can also wash my clothes. I would have to wear them at day and wash and dry them at night.

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