Teen Smoking: Who Is Responsible?

  1. They get coughing, low energy, respiratory, and poor circulation.
  2. It can relieve stress and teens do it to look cool.
  3. So they can get teens to buy their product.
  4. By trying to get kids from smoking.
  5. It can be the teens it-self, the parents, the company, and the seller or known as the store.

DoNow 11/17/2017

  1. No, because most books seem bad and they are not and it depends on which child reads it.
  2. Because they then could feel they are not alone and they can deal with the problem too.
  3. Because it will seem reading isn’t bad for you.
  4. “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “The Giver,” “The Bluest eye,” and “Harry Potter,” are some of the ones.
  5. It can keep us from learning.

T.E.D.Talk 11/16/2017

  1. That introverts are strong by them self’s too.
  2. By talking about a suitcase full of books.
  3. By sticking to her claim very strongly.
  4. The speaker tells from her life and she tells from well known people (Rosa parks and etc)
  5. You can talk with introverts to see if it is true and be told their own life.
  6. How did you calm down in a bid crowd?
  7. Schools, works, introverts and extroverts can learn from her talk.
  8. That introverts should have time to think then get ion to groups to talk about it.
  9. She does, she tells us to feel good about our suitcase and open it to other some times.


Animal Testing

  1. they are used by scientists for cure for disease. used by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies to see if drugs, makeup, lotions soaps and shampoos are safe.
  2. It advances knowledge and protects humans from potentially harmful effects.
  3. Because some take it as curl and unnecessary.
  4. I think it would be soap, shampoos, some foods, and chemicals.
  5. To make sure or almost sure it okay to test on humans ans animals alike.

T.E.D. Talk 11/14/2017

  1. How people speak and listen. Also how you speak.
  2. By how he talks about how others speak and how you can speak.
  3. By how he engages them to do something he does.
  4. By how he telling us and shows us how we speak. When he lowers ans risers his voice.
  5. It would be logos. I say that because she shows and we also do what h is saying (how we talk).
  6. How do you know peoples emotions by how they speak?
  7. People how can’t speak very well.
  8. How i think i can show my feelings through my voice.
  9. Yes, do the exercise he did before a speak.

T.E.D. Talk 11/6/2017

  1. That anything can change your life.
  2. By telling us about leadership.
  3. He he is confidante of his speech.
  4. By sharing his lollipop moment with us.
  5. It would be logos because he give us his story as evidence.
  6. How are you sure it can change my life.
  7. People that don’t think of them self as leaders.
  8. About how i help others and will continue to do so.
  9. It does but challenge me to make a lollipop moment.
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